A Bath For Your Favorite Ride

Do you like your car? Most people would agree that they like their car. And because they like their car, they usually have a goal of taking good care of it. Car washing and auto detailing businesses can really help with that. Some car washes wash the vehicle for you, and others have setups that make it easier for you to wash your own car. Either way, at the end of the day, your car will become clean and look its best. Join us here on this website for more content about car washes, auto detailing, and keeping your ride clean.

Reasons To Have Your Vehicle Wrap Cover The Side Windows


Few things can make your vehicle stand out as much as a well-designed vinyl wrap. If you have a vehicle that you use for your business, you can raise your local profile simply by getting a vehicle wrap and driving around. There are lots of important decisions to make when you meet with a wrap service, including how much of the vehicle the wrap will cover. If you're unsure about whether or not the wrap should extend over the vehicle's side rear windows, here are some reasons that having the wrap in this area is beneficial.

Seamless Look

If you look at a vehicle that has a wrap that covers the side rear windows and another that has a wrap that stops at the perimeter of these windows, you'll likely find that the former design offers more of a seamless look. You not only want your vehicle to catch peoples' attention, but you also want it to be stylish. Wraps that extend across the surface of the windows often have a look that is more complete, compared to a wrap that stops suddenly at the window's edges. Your company can show you renderings of both concepts, and you'll likely appreciate the seamless look that covering the windows offers.

More Information

Having your wrap extend over some of the windows of your vehicle provides you with significantly more space on which your design can appear. A lot of companies want to put as much information as possible on their wraps. For example, in addition to the basic identifying details such as your name and logo, you'll also want some photos, one or more lists of the services that you provide, details about the awards you've won, and contact information. A wrap that doesn't extend over the windows has limited space in which to display all of this information, which could result in it looking cluttered or simply lacking important information.

Interior Shade

When your wrap extends over some of your windows, it can help to provide some degree of shade for the vehicle's interior. This can make this space more pleasant for you or your employees who are driving the vehicle. It can also help to protect things from overheating, which may be important if you're carrying products that react unfavorably to very hot temperatures. Reach out to a company like Xclusive Auto Detailing & Window Tinting to learn more about this topic. 


8 August 2023